Minden Games
Dreadnoughts & Battlecruisers Series
                          2 (or more) players, tactical, WWI naval
Dreadnoughts & Battlecruisers is a two-player tactical miniatures-style series of games covering Great War naval combat.  Players maneuver and fire their individually rated warships from Allied and Central Powers fleets (BB / BC / B / AC / CL class ships, rendered at 1/4200 scale with top-down deck views). Ships are rated for firepower (bow, stern, and broadside, gun size and range, speed, flotation, armor, and more. Replay any number of actual or hypothetical encounters, including the full Battle of Jutland (1916).  The game system is highly playable but retains a realistic "feel".  Even fleet-sized encounters may be easily played using the D&B system.

D&B: North Sea is a new edition of D&B (2015) that incorporates new graphics and components plus some significant changes and additions from earlier editions.  The most important change is the introduction of flotation ratings for each ship, affecting how the ship handles damage.  A handful of ships have received revised, updated ratings.  New optional rules (such as National Characteristics, and advanced fire progressions) bring the game to a new level.  Overall, the changes to this edition are sure to please D&B veterans, and gamers new to naval wargaming.  D&B: North Sea is a thoroughly revised edition of D&B: Jutland (now out of print).  Dreadnoughts & Battlecruisers is a naval wargame that stresses playability and historicity.

For a full list of the warships included, see below.

24-page illustrated rule booklet with standard, optional, and advanced rules, designer's notes
six sheets of cardstock ship counters (139 ships)
several scenarios, including Coronel (1914), Dogger Bank (1915), and Jutland (1916)
set of 108 color thick card damage markers
two identical two-sided color Reference Cards
two identical two-sided color Fire Progression Cards
ziplock packaging

Ships Included in D&B: North Sea

BB:  Dreadnought, Barham, Audacious, Malaya, Valiant, Emperor of India, Resolution, Iron Duke, Warspite, Neptune, Agincount, Queen Elizabeth, Superb, Royal Sovereign, Ramillies, Collingwood, Royal Oak, Revenge, Thunderer, Bellerophon, Temaraire, Vanguard, Benbow, Canada, Ajax, St. Vincent, King George V, Centurion, Conqueror, Colossus, Hercules, Erin, Monarch, Marlborough, Orion, Canada.
BC:  Invincible, Indefatigable, Queen Mary, Inflexible, Indomitable, Lion, Tiger, Princess Royal, New Zealand, Australia, Renown, Repulse.
B:  Lord Nelson, Agamemnon, King Edward VII, Africa, Commonwealth, Hibernia, Britannia, Canopus, Ocean, Zealandia.
AC:  Warrior, Shannon, Hampshire, Defence, Black Prince, Duke of Edinburgh, Minotaur, Cochrane, Good Hope, Monmouth, Drake, Natal, Achilles.
CL:   Bristol, Glasgow, Weymouth, Falmouth, Chatham, Sydney, Arethusa, Aurora, Caroline, Comus, Cambrian, Canterbury.

BB:  Kaiser, Kaiserin, Westfalen, Konig Albert, Bayern, Baden, Grosser Kurfurst, Thurigen, Friedrich der Grosse, Helogland, Kronpriz, Markgraf, Ostfriesland, Rhineland, Posen, Prinz Reg. Luitpold, Nasau, Oldenburg, Pommern
BC:  Goeben, Moltke, Von der Tann, Derflinger, Lutzow, Seydlitz, Hindenburg.
B:  Deutschland, Hannover, Schleswig-Holstein, Preussan, Braunschweig, Schlesien, Lothringen, Elass, Zahringen, Wettin, Hessen, Meckleburg, Schwaben.
AC:  Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Blucher, Friedrich Karl, Prinz Aldalbert.
CL:  Konigsberg, Nurnberg, Dresden, Emden, Leipzig, Kolberg, Magdeburg, Breslau, Karlsruhe, Rostock, Graudenz, Regensburg.

Sample warship counter (actual size: 2.5" x .62")